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Working Together (2015) states that Local Safeguarding Children Boards mus publish an Annual Report on the effectiveness of child safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the local area and should provide a rigorous and transparent assessment of the performance and effectiveness of local services. It should identify areas of weakness, the causes of those weaknesses and the action being taken to address them as well as other proposals for action.

The Report should:

  • Recognise achievements and progress made as well as identifying challenges
  • Demonstrate the extent to which the functions of the LSCB are being effectively discharged
  • Include an account of progress made in implementing actions from Serious Case Review

The most recent report, for 2016-17 was published in September 2017 along with a Young persons version.

Our last five annual reports are available in PDF format – follow the link below to download:

Peterborough LSCB Annual Report 2015-16

Peterborough LSCB Annual Report 2014-15

Peterborough LSCB Annual Report 2013-14

Peterborough LSCB Annual Report 2012-13

Peterborough LSCB Annual Report 2011-12

Peterborough LSCB Annual Report 2010-11

Peterborough LSCB Annual Report 2009-10

Peterborough LSCB Annual Report 2008-09

Child Death Overview Panel Annual Reports

In addition to the Peterborough Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report, the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Child Death Overview Panel are required to produce an Annual Report which is presented to the Board for scrutiny and endorsement. These reports can be found below and on the CDOP Page.

Child Death Overview Panel Annual report 2016-17

Child Death Overview Panel Annual report 2015-16

Child Death Overview Panel Annual report 2014-15

Child Death Overview Panel Annual report 2013-14

Child Death Overview Panel Annual report 2012-13

Child Death Overview Panel Annual Report 2011-12

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